ACE Certified Personal Trainer
Owner, Nine Lives Fitness



"If not now, WHEN?"



Arnie has had a lifelong interest in fitness and healthcare, but at the age of 56, Arnie made fitness his life's mission …and "If not now, WHEN?" became his motto.

As he re-shaped his body, he began to receive compliments, which motivated him to work harder. Eventually, he realized he wanted to inspire others and help them to become healthier too. Still in the midst of his professional career as a hospital executive, he devoted his leisure time to his own personal training for the next 12 years until he could change his life direction and follow his passion. He now devotes all his attention to his work as a personal trainer, having obtained his ACE Certification as a Personal Trainer in 2014 and establishing Nine Lives Fitness. 

Since Arnie's fitness journey began after the age of 56, he has a unique perspective and understanding in working with active seniors and older adults as they strive to maintain good health and mobility. That said, he loves bringing joy and inspiration to clients of all ages.

Complementing his experience as a certified trainer, Arnie also brings more than 35 years experience in the healthcare industry overseeing the financial operations of multiple hospitals across the nation. His passion for the current population health initiatives in healthcare complements his wellness mind set.



First and foremost, Arnie strives to provide a positive, enjoyable and engaging experience for you. After all, if you are not engaged you'll quickly lose interest. We'll work at your pace. As you might expect from Arnie’s background, he favors a patient, steadily progressive approach over a “no pain, no gain” mindset.

Your work with Arnie will move through a review of your health and fitness history, to initial and continuing conversations establishing your short- and long-term goals. As you proceed he will assess posture, balance, movement, flexibility, range of motion and strength.

With your participation, he will create a completely customized fitness plan. Depending on your needs, you'll move through stability & mobility training, to functional movement training and on to weight training.  Cardiorespiratory training will move from base training to aerobic efficiency training.  Your progress is charted, with milestones noted (and celebrated!), all done at a pace that renders steady results, but appropriate for each fitness level. 

If you have been sedentary or are dealing with an ailment, please don't fear starting an exercise program. You'll be pleased and proud at the results you can attain. START NOW! Remember: "If not now, WHEN?"