Thousands of people flock to the training business in search of a successful career every year. After all, there are no barriers to entry.

But will all those trainers meet your needs?

Take a look at me and think about whether these qualities should be evident in whatever trainer you choose to work with.

1. I have a passion for fitness, and I am fit myself.

I suppose you can train people to be fit without being fit yourself, but would you then be exhibiting the knowledge, determination and passion needed to guide and motivate your client? I walk the walk.

2. I know when to move you forward and when to slow you down.

Motivating you to work a little harder than you might push yourself is good. It’s maybe more important, though, to be empathetic and know when to hold back, work less hard, take a rest. Let’s make this an enjoyable journey. Let’s avoid injury.

3. I’m certified by ACE (that’s the American Council on Exercise)

My passion and genuine interest in fitness drives me to continually sharpen my knowledge and skills. For example, as this is written I recently earned Continuing Education credits in Age-appropriate Strength Training and Integrated Postural Training.

4. I’ll listen to what you have to say at least as much as I talk to you.

You will understand where we’re headed and how we plan to get there. You’ll understand how to effect your movements, through my words and demonstrations.

5. My life experiences shaped me to be empathetic and compassionate.

I mean, I was out of shape for many, many years before I got myself in shape (and, by the way I was helped by trainers along the way). You’ll know I am in touch with you, and have your back. I’ll relate to you.