38 years old, Upper east side/manhattan

"I decided to work with a personal trainer in January 2018 after gaining over 15 lbs the previous year, in part due to recovery from an Achilles heel injury that had limited my exercise options for the previous 6 months. I chose Arnie due to his passion for sustainable fitness through correct form and incremental increases in exercise challenges. The last thing I wanted was a trainer who would push me too hard and exacerbate an injury or set unrealistic exercise or diet goals for me.

This focus on sustainable fitness has been essential to my success, as I found out I was pregnant just one month into working with Arnie. My pregnancy changed some of our options for exercises, but not the goal--to build core strength and ultimately lose weight. I'm thrilled to say that in 7 months working with him, I've lost fat and only replaced it with healthy baby weight -- at 6 months pregnant, I still weigh less than I did when I started working with Arnie.

Arnie's training style is a balance of accountability and kindness and I enjoy our sessions together on a personal level. I trust his judgment on when to push harder and when to take a break. Under his guidance, my arms and legs are more toned and my posture and core strength are supporting the changing needs of my body this year. I am confident I will enter motherhood in the best shape I've been in for years, which is a bold claim to make and never an expectation I had for myself.

I unequivocally recommend Arnie to anyone who wants to change their body for the better. He is an inspiration on his own, and he will ensure you make noticeable and sustainable progress towards your own goals, regardless of your starting point."



52 years old, NASHVILLE, TN

“When I initially enlisted Arnie’s assistance as a personal trainer I wanted to lose weight and tone up. And though I did lose a little weight and toned up in many areas, my focus changed to feeling healthy and strong. I felt so much better after a workout with Arnie. He is so encouraging and worked at introducing me to the exercises he thought would have the greatest impact on my body. 

Arnie is so inspiring. He amazes me - most men of his age group have 25% of the strength that Arnie has and that’s enough to motivate anyone to work a little harder.”