Toes to Nose? That's a Stretch

Katz_Toes to Nose.jpg

When a Trainer initially evaluates a client, it should include evaluating mobility and flexibility. Mobility is your active range of motion. If I ask you to raise your arms above your head on your own, mobility is the degree to which you can raise them. Flexibility refers to how high I can raise your relaxed arm. Said another way, the more flexible you are, the more mobile you can be. 

This is important for a number of reasons. Both aerobics and weight training often involve quick movements that will tire joints and muscles, the more so when flexibility is poor. Muscle soreness relief, postural and balance improvements will be achieved when flexibility is improved. 

As we age, our strength naturally decreases (by the way, continued strength training will mitigate this effect). Our tissues become less elastic and we become stiffer. 

So, let’s stretch! Say we start with the calves, hamstrings, back and hips., often trouble spots. We’re talking about “static” stretches, where you hold each position for 30 seconds or so (you’ll do “dynamic” stretches before exercising, to warm up your muscles). You can Google stretching exercises. Stretch every day. On days when you exercise, try to stretch immediately after your workout.