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As a trainer, I am often dismayed to see someone, whether or not a client of mine, “fall off the wagon”. That’s the training and nutrition wagon, of course. I try to keep my clients engaged in strength and/or cardio training as well as developing nutritional habits for at least six weeks. Why six weeks? Because behaviors don’t usually get shaped into habits until something has been consciously done for at least six weeks. 

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Toes to Nose? That's a Stretch

When a Trainer initially evaluates a client, it should include evaluating mobility and flexibility. Mobility is your active range of motion. If I ask you to raise your arms above your head on your own, mobility is the degree to which you can raise them. Flexibility refers to how high I can raise your relaxed arm. Said another way, the more flexible you are, the more mobile you can be.

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Skinny fat? Is that like jumbo shrimp?

I was recently meeting with a new client (I’ll call her Mary) to discuss her goals and objectives for our training program. Mary knew, at some level, she wanted to be “more fit.” “But” she said, “I’m at a normal weight for my height, so what will our training really accomplish?” Mary was, as it turned out, “skinny fat.” She looked thin, but her body fat percentage was higher than the normal range. She had a high fat mass and a low muscle mass. Metabolically, she had the same health risks as an overweight person might.

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